About Us

Welcome to the Osceola Fundamental High School 
Warrior Pride Band Family

The 2017-2018 school year gives us all the opportunity to continue to build on the tradition of excellence that is a trademark     of the Osceola Band Program. Congratulations on your decision to be a part of the fastest growing band program in the county.   The Osceola Warrior Pride Band provides musical activities that encompass a wide scope and allows everyone a chance to reach their highest possible level of excellence.

Hard-working students, dedicated staff members, involved and active parents, and a supportive administration and community all combine to make it possible for the Osceola Warrior Pride Band Program to offer an array of musical opportunities. Our students are expected to set and reach high goals for themselves and their program of choice. The rewards of meeting those expectations are immeasurable in the development of our students as well-rounded human beings. Members of the Osceola Warrior Pride Band will develop musically, emotionally, mentally, socially and physically during their time in the program.

In order to have a great band, we must all maintain a strong commitment to excellence.
Donald M. Edwards
Mr. Edwards' Bio coming soon...

Emily Bordignon
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Field Commander:                         Avi Kohan
Guard Captain:                             Matt Greer
Brass Captain:                         Chris Piacenza
Woodwind Captain:                 Heather Joyce
Percussion Captain:            Chance Reynolds
Clarinet Leader:                        Elaina Huerta
Flute Leader:                             Katelyn Mozo
Horn Leader:                            Erika Ingraffia
Trumpet Leader:                    Drew Fernandez
Trombone/Baritone Leader:    Kenny Warren
Sousaphone Leader:                  Zach Cobane