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Color Guard

Guard is directed by Emily Bordignon
Color Guard Information:
Color Guard performs with the Marching Band. The season starts with Band Camp in July. Then includes Tue & Thursday practices from the start of school, home and away football games on certain Friday nights and competitions on Saturdays throughout October and finishing up in November. 

Color Guard Fees are $1,000.00 per student. There are several ways to pay fees. You can work 12 Rays games to cover your band fees.  If you choose not to work any Rays games, band fees can be paid all at once or you can make monthly payments. Please contact the band treasurer, Bill Riha, ofhswpbtreasurer@gmail.com to work out a payment schedule or to inquire about available band scholarships.

Additional cost: Color Guard members will purchase their own special type of shoes, marching uniforms, and carry on bag.  These will be ordered the week of Band Camp.  Payment for these items will be due at Band Camp.


Winter Guard Information

Osceola’s Winter Guard is a member of the WGI and FFCC. The guard competes from January to April in both conferences. 

Winter Guard Fees are $450.00 and include all competition fees but not the cost of the uniform. Fees are subject to change.