Winter Percussion

Program Objective

The OFHS Indoor Percussion Ensemble provides an opportunity for all students to develop their musical, marching, and life skills through the art of percussion performance. We hope to instill a strong sense of perseverance, dedication, personal achievement, growth, self-confidence, music appreciation, and a strong work ethic through the pursuit of a high level of music performance in a group setting.

2019 SHOW:

Always now

Always Now reflects upon the importance of ignoring the petty paradoxes of life, and the distractions of the future in order to fully devote one's self to the present moment - elevated through a narrative centered on the themes of self-discovery and seizing the moment.




Tue & Thur 5:15-8:30pm; plus 1 Saturday


Practices start late November

Competitions start late January/early Feb and end the 1st weekend of April

Performances are usually held on weekends; primarily on Saturdays. There are no buses for Winter Percussion. We will need drivers for each competition. Drivers must be level 2 volunteers, and have an approved vehicle. Please be mindful to offer your student’s driver gas money.

What is Winter Percussion?

Over the period of approx. 4 months, your child will be given basic to advanced instruction in the area of percussion. This includes the proper techniques involved to play the various instruments and marching techniques. This training will be expanded into a 5 to 6 minute production, including music and motion, performed on an indoor mat.

Our Indoor Units compete in a circuit, similar to a league in sports. While each circuit makes its own rules, and has it's own judges, they usually conform to those rules set by Winter Guard International (WGI). The circuit in which we are primarily participating, is the Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit (FFCC). FFCC holds many competitions, or "events" across the state of Florida. At the end of each season, FFCC holds a championship in Daytona which will be the conclusion of our competitive season.

If you have never played a percussion instrument, this is your opportunity!

Possible instruments to play:

Marching Percussion/ Drumline/Battery


Tenors (quads)

Bass drum


Auxiliary/Pit/Front Ensemble






Bass guitar