The band director works closely with the booster President and Board to create a budget each year that is an estimation of the necessary operation expenses needed for the following school year. Very few expenses are covered through school board contributions so it is necessary to charge each student to cover additional expenses such as music, marching shows, additional instructors, transportation and other miscellaneous items.

Marching Band/Color Guard Fees are $1,000.00 per student.

Winter Guard or Winter Percussion Fees are $450.00

Concert Band Fees are $150

There are two ways to pay band fees.

OPTION 1: Work 12 Rays Games

  • For the first 12 Rays games worked, you earn $1000 credit for band fees.
    • If you have multiple students you would need to work a minimum of 12 slots per student. You can choose to work 24 slots, or have friends or family members work games with you to work off games and pay fees faster as stated above.
    • The 12 required games must be worked by the end of the Rays Season.
      • The season begins in April and ends in September. Therefore, if you are working 12 games to pay off fees, you must have all 12 games completed by the end of the season in September.
        • The exception would be any incoming students who start after the beginning of the school year and aren't trained at the beginning of the season. These families must work at least half (6) of their games by the end of the current season and may pick up the additional games when the next season begins. Note, you will need to work any left over games from the first year in addition to your 12 games for their current year during the next season.

OPTION 2: Pay $1000

  • Pay the $1000 band fee and you will not be required to work any Rays games
    • You can still work Rays games in addition to paying your fees if you want to use the Rays credit in your student account to pay for other band related fees such as Concert Band, Winter Guard, Winter Percussion or the Spring Band Trip.
  • If you choose not to work any Rays games, band fees can be paid all at once or you can make monthly payments throughout the marching band season. All fees must be paid by the end of the season in November. Please contact the band treasurers, Bonnie Warren and Kim Fernandez, ofhswpbtreasurer@gmail.com to work out a payment schedule or contact Linda Hart, ofhswpb@gmail.com to inquire if you are eligible for any available band scholarships.


  • Working Rays games is the best way to cover fees without paying out-of-pocket.
  • The word "game" and "slot" are interchangeable. For example, we refer to working Rays games, however if you and your spouse both worked the same game, you filled 2 "slots" and therefore this counts towards 2 "games" worked. So if you have 2 people who are working for your band student, you can work 6 games together giving you 12 games worked and band fees paid for that student.
  • We never turn anyone away and want this program to stay in place to make it possible for everyone to meet their fee requirements regardless of financial ability.
  • If you have ANY questions about the Rays program and how it benefits our band and/or how to sign up for training, please contact our VP of Rays, wpbvprays@gmail.com.

If you prefer to pay online, we offer PAYPAL as a way to pay band fees, uniforms, or trip costs.

Using PayPal, you’ll have the benefits of making payments using your credit or debit card or linking to your checking account for a secure withdraw directly from your checking account.

NOTE: when using PayPal, you must increase your payment by 3.2% to cover the cost of the processing fee. Any transactions completed without the fee will have the fee added to their next student account statement.

  • By clicking on the “Pay Now” button located below, you’ll be directed to a secure PayPal website that is linked to the Osceola Band Booster’s account.
  • Put the amount you want to pay in the "price per item" field then click continue.
  • DO NOT enter any login or password information. Click the "pay by Debit or Credit card" field.
  • Proceed to enter your card infomation to make your payment.
  • At the bottom of the page, use the “add special instructions to the seller’ box to include the student name and purpose for the payment such as band fee, uniforms, trip fees, etc.
  • Once complete, hit send and your payment will be made.