Forms for Paperwork Night are all in one download below if you choose Paperwork Night Forms 2018-2019.PDF

Some forms are also available to download separately if needed

Link to: Mandatory Student Accident Insurance for Extracurricular Activities (5th item of checklist)

* (Please purchase after 7/1/18 but before Band Camp) *

This is a mandatory purchase but you are only required to purchase the minimum coverage.

Purchase the 'At School Including Extracurricular Activities' option. You select either "Low" or "High" coverage plan. Cost is usually around $7/$10.

Paperwork Night Forms 2018-2019.PDF
OFHS Band Handbook 2018-19.pdf
OFHS Chaperone Student Handbook 2018-2019.pdf
Volunteer Registration Form 2-2948-A.pdf
Addendum to High School Activities Participation Form.pdf
Field Trip Form 3-2719.pdf
OFHS Band Member and Chaperone Contract.pdf
PCS Media Relase 1-3067.pdf
FHSAA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation.pdf
Relevant Information Regarding Extracurricular Athletics.pdf