Prospective students

Welcome, we're so glad you are interested in Osceola's Band Program.

Whether you are an 8th grade middle school student or transferring from another high school or even from out of state, you are in the right place.

Please browse through our site to see what we are all about. If you cannot find answers to your questions on this site, please use the 'Contact Us' page to reach out to one of our staff or board members, or, just fill out the form.

What we offer 1st semester:

  • Marching Band/Color Guard
    • Marching Band is a 2 period class 1st semester.
      • During class, students will change into tshirts/shorts and spend a good amount of time outside working on their show that they will perform during halftime at football games and at several competitions.
      • If the instrument you usually play in band is not used for marching band, (i.e. bassoon) you can opt for another instrument. Please feel free to talk to our band director, Mr. Edwards, for options. In some cases, you might choose Percussion or Guard class instead of Marching Band.
    • Percussion players - There is a separate 1 period class for percussion
    • Color Guard - There is a separate 1 period class for guard
    • Approximately 3 weeks before the start of school, Marching Band, Percussion and Guard students will attend band camp to start learning show music and marching or guard techniques
    • Marching Band, Percussion and Guard students practice Tuesday and Thursday nights from 5:15-8:30 starting the first week of school up until the final competition in mid-November
    • Marching Band and Percussion students are in the stands for all home Varsity Football games (and 2 away games) playing stand tunes, and all groups will perform their show during halftime.
  • Orchestra
    • Orchestra is a 1 period class offered both 1st and 2nd semesters
      • Orchestra concerts are scheduled toward the end of each semester, December and April/May
      • Beginners as well as experienced players are encouraged to join.

What we offer 2nd semester:

  • Concert Band
    • Concert Band is a 2 period class offered 2nd semester
    • Concerts are scheduled in December (if you were in Marching Band 1st semester), and April/May
    • Students are also encouraged to prepare a solo or ensemble piece in February to be performed in front of a judge who will give you a rating along with helpful feedback
  • Jazz Band
    • Jazz Band rehearses after school on Mondays and will perform at the Spring Concert in April/May
    • If your main instrument is not used in jazz band, perhaps you have abilities on guitar, bass, piano or drums?
  • Winter Percussion
    • Winter Percussion/Drum Line rehearses after school on Tuesday and Thursday from 5:15-8:30.
    • This will actually get started immediately after Marching Band season, mid-November
    • If you are not familiar with Winter Percussion, it is an ensemble of percussion instruments, both Marching Percussion/Drumline/Battery (Snare, Tenors/Quads, bass drum & cymbals) and Auxiliary/Pit/Front Ensemble (Marimba, Vibraphone, bells, xylophone, synth, bass guitar, gong).
    • Winter Percussion performs a show on an indoor mat in several competitions
    • Finals are in Daytona around the 1st of April
    • If you have never played a percussion instrument, this is your opportunity!
  • Winter Guard
    • Winter Guard practices on Tuesday and Thursday nights
    • This will actually get started immediately after Marching Band season ends, mid-November
    • Winter Guard performs a show of their own using flags, rifles and dance moves set to music, on an indoor mat, in several competitions.
    • Finals are in Daytona around the 1st of April